From the recording 5 MILES FROM TOWN

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Songwriter/Author: WILLIE DIXON

“Wang Dang Doodle,” is a product of the genius of Willie Dixon, and the wealth of golden performers like Koko Taylor and HowlinWolf, who Dixon originally wrote it for - claimed it was too "old-timey" sounding - like an old levee camp number, were the 50’s & 60’s Chicago Blues Chess recording stars. They produced some of the greatest music ever conceived, and as you can hear left a legacy for parties until the end of time. His lyrics, "...tell everyone you meet. Tonight we need no rest, we really gonna throw a mess. We gonna break out all of the windows. We gonna kick down all the doors. We gonna pitch a wang dang doodle all night long!" - say everything about an Ebony Hillbilly Party! An EH show fave. When the wonderful “Salty" Bill Salter starts this classic bassline - Go get your party clothes on as gutsy Gloria Thomas Gassaway and Allanah Salter belts this sassy one so good - We think Mr. Dixon would be proud!