From the recording 5 MILES FROM TOWN

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01. HOG-EYED MAN 2:36
Songwriter/Author: Traditional - Arr. by THE EH

The first selection,“Hog-Eyed Man,” is not only attributed to NEW WORLD AFRICANS but may also have its beginnings in the late eighteenth century. This is fine with us because we fancy ourselves as players of old Black vernacular music. A ”Hog Eye” is a kind of boat and many Black Men and women of those times managed to “escape, to the sea. We hope you can feel that intensity from A.R.’s swinging foot-stomping pulse, Newman Taylor Baker’s tap-dancing washboard, Dave Colding’s droning bass, and Henrique Prince’s fiddle-a-blazing on this opening instrumental. It is quite appropriate since this release marks a new musical adventure in the EH repertoire….